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Despite that, Hoffmann (2005) argues that the genetic base of most commercial breeds is the same and therefore the selection pressure for traits such as performance and carcass yield results in distinct products.
All of these breeds have their special characteristics, such as high prolificacy, good meat quality and strong disease-resistance, but their growth and carcass performances are much lower than that of the commercial breeds from Europe and North America.
If I may, I will call the commercial breeds "industrial" turkeys.
They are not a common commercial breed as they lamb annually rather than on an eight month cycle which is desirable in our year round grocery store system.
The NBA Beef Expo is considered a major showcase for pedigree and commercial breed societies that want to promote the quality of their cattle.
Aled says he favours the breed because it is the sire of the best commercial breed, the Mule.
Housing and feed is the same as for any commercial breed.
Never popular as a commercial breed, the breed became marginalised to the point of extinction.
At least a few of them say it's because the white indicates a commercial breed, and they know it's likely to be a better rabbit that yields more and better meat than a colored one, which was not bred for meat production.
Despite being the main commercial breed in Wales at one time, very few native Welsh Breed Pigs are left in the country, although there are a small number of herds kept in England and elsewhere.
Unlike modern commercial breeds of sheep which rely on supplementary feeding by farmers, the rare breed sheep thrive on a variety of different plants, eating the tougher grass and trampling in the seeds from the wildflowers in the meadow, the experts said.
They target the most commercial breeds, such as springer spaniels which have large litters.

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