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Mortality rates for the two commercial breeds were nearly 100%.
As the result, the indigenous pig breeds in Shandong, as well as many other indigenous breeds in China have been in direct competition with the highly selected Western breeds, and the population sizes of many of them decrease dramatically and are in danger of being replaced, or hybridized with Western commercial breeds (Fang et al.
Here again, even though we may not have any interest in showing rabbits, it makes sense to take advantage of all the work fanciers have done in improving even the commercial breeds.
Since the heritage breeds weigh less than the commercial breeds, which are bred to produce more breast meat, they can fly much better than their Butterball cousins.
Gloucesters take seven-and-a-half months to finish compared with 90 days for commercial breeds, but Martin says they have a "developed" flavour and a meat that is "almost self-basting".
As commercial breeds are dominated by large companies, they are quickly exported to different countries.
Badger Face lambs have a small carcase but they have a superb sweet flavour so often lacking in the one-size-fits-all, Gareth commercial breeds," said Mr Johns.
The distinctive "pear-shaped" Welsh Pig was one of the three most numerous commercial breeds in Britain in the 1960s, but the arrival of commercial breeds with reduced fat content was behind a decline that made it one of the rarest.
While commercial breeds fatten up on summer grassland and are ready for the autumn markets, the island's animals are in prime condition only once the gales have thrown up the juciest seaweed.
2012) and are reared more longer period (8 wk) as compared to imported commercial breeds (Kim et al.
By the 1960s it was one of the country's three most numerous commercial breeds.

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