commercial enterprise

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The test thus potentially encourages commercial enterprises to make decisions based on the tax law rather than sound business practices.
The company specializes in developing and integrating systems, software, and simulation products in support of government agencies and commercial enterprises worldwide.
E2America), a leading supplier of HVAC optimization technology,today announced an agreement with HORNE LLP, an accounting and business advisory firm specialized in franchise accounting and construction accounting, to advise commercial enterprises on the benefits of energy efficiency technologies.
Paul and foreign commercial enterprises in Russia and the C.
Through the achievement of EAL 2, Sanctuary can now benefit the Department of Defense, government lettered agencies and other security conscious commercial enterprises which are only permitted to purchase security products that receive the maximum assurance from Common Criteria guidelines.
Target customers are organizations with vast amounts of data to transmit, such as large commercial enterprises and universities.
EARThemes[R] can be utilized by local and state government agencies and commercial enterprises to harness the valuable information from radar imagery without the need to be a radar expert.
Since 1984, government agencies, commercial enterprises, and non-profit / educational organizations have relied on ITG for high quality computer services, products, and support required to maintain or improve their information systems productivity.

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