commercial enterprise

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The professional such as the merchant can exploit the commercial enterprise individually or collectively with other persons acting in his name and/or on his behalf, he is the one bearing the risk and is liable to organise and exploit the commercial enterprise.
The most important element in determining whether someone is a commercial agent or not is that a commercial agent must act on behalf of the principal -- the commercial enterprise or individual.
It is not merely a commercial enterprise, but also a cultural and a spiritual one.
Offering software vendors and commercial enterprises a powerful, proven alternative to INSO and KeyView, our solution addresses the business-critical filter requirements for:
The Birmingham-based Unity Trust Bank, which focuses largely on services for the social economy and SMEs, has seen record lending to commercial enterprises, along with strong growth in its regular areas.
ADAC's participation in the Texas conference is part of its strategy to market opportunities for commercial enterprise and investment around the airport to a worldwide audience.
It could then be leased and run as a commercial enterprise.
He said: "I would be sceptical about the morality of this documentary in a commercial enterprise."
Jim Rutter, head of Northumberland County Council's trading standards, said: "We believe this was a commercial enterprise selling counterfeit designer clothing locally.
Judge Norman Mitchell told Highfield it was clear he was involved in a commercial enterprise for profit and only a significant sentence was appropriate.
Walla Walla, Washington, USA-headquartered Key Technology has established a foreign-invested commercial enterprise (FICE) in China and opened an office in Shanghai to provide sales and services.
"What was originally conceived as a straightforward governmental program to benefit the vast majority of passengers has been transformed into a commercial enterprise for what increasingly looks like the few," ATA President and CEO James May said.

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