commercial establishment

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It needs to ensure that vendors and commercial establishment make use of certified measures.
The remaining 10,000 acres may be situated by lakes or mountainsides, and could retain a higher value if developed into a resort or other commercial establishment, he explains.
The minority's analysis caused it to conclude that the Canadian community would not tolerate, in a commercial establishment to which the public had access, group sexual activities on the scale that took place at L'Orage.
In April 1997, the district court, concluding that MnDOT's published interpretation constituted unauthorized rulemaking, enjoined appellants "from enforcement or seeking to enforce the interpretation of the term 'Commercial Establishment' contained in Minn.
Taxpayers have no freedom to negotiate interest rates and terms with the government, as they might with a commercial establishment.
If it becomes a law, all internet service providers and licensed commercial establishment owners shall report suspected and actual operation of websites containing harmful online materials to the Online Child Safety Council or to the nearest law enforcement office.
Muscat: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry registered 85 violations committed by the commercial establishment and individuals in Muscat governorate during the year 2018.
Sheraz Zaka argued that when workers in commercial establishment are being regulated under Punjab Industrial
As per the ESIC guidelines, a commercial establishment having 10 or more employees should register its company with ESIC.
They have also proposed that expats be allowed to invest in fields that lack Saudi investors and that household-workers' employers, who own businesses, be allowed to have the professions of the domestic workers changed to ones under their commercial establishment's sponsorship.
The bill will require that sprinklers be installed in each below grade location in any commercial establishment containing flammable or combustible mixtures.
Ting said Calapan Water is servicing 15,000 households and commercial establishment and he projects to have 28,000 consumers by 2018.

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