commercial establishment

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The remaining 10,000 acres may be situated by lakes or mountainsides, and could retain a higher value if developed into a resort or other commercial establishment, he explains.
The minority's analysis caused it to conclude that the Canadian community would not tolerate, in a commercial establishment to which the public had access, group sexual activities on the scale that took place at L'Orage.
Taxpayers have no freedom to negotiate interest rates and terms with the government, as they might with a commercial establishment.
Breaking into a commercial establishment visible to customers and pedestrians increases the burglar's chances of being noticed.
The provision of compulsory group insurance had been made mandatory for employers in respect of their permanent workmen provided that the minimum number of employees in an industrial establishment is 50 and that of in a commercial establishment is 20 through the 1968 Industrial and Commercial Employment (Standing Order) Ordinance.
Road Transport SNCF staff 7/7 24/24 on behalf of the institution TER Rhinelander, establishment Services Travelers Champagne Ardenne, the commercial establishment process Bourgogne Franche Comte, the establishment traction Bourgogne Franche Comte, the commercial establishment Train East Paris, the establishment Traction Lorraine, Lorraine Train Commercial establishment, in accordance with the provisions of Decree No.
As per the ESIC guidelines, a commercial establishment having 10 or more employees should register its company with ESIC.
Other proposals are to allow an employer to try the worker for a period of time before transferring sponsorship and to enable an employer to have the professions of their household drivers and workers changed to others under the sponsor's commercial establishment," he said.
The bill will require that sprinklers be installed in each below grade location in any commercial establishment containing flammable or combustible mixtures.
A fire of still unknown origin razed a commercial establishment that housed a fruit stand, retailer of ready-to-wear clothes and dealer of cellular phones in Barangay D2, Borongan City, Eastern Samar province on Thursday afternoon.
Contract notice: legal study on commercial establishment through the 28 member states restrictions and freedom of establishment.
A senior Misdemeanour Court official said the man, a GCC national, had lodged a complaint with the police accusing a Ras Al Khaimah commercial establishment of forging his signature on a cash receipt stating he had received Dh18,000.

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