commercial failure

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She still attempted acting and starred in 1940's "Blue Bird", a commercial failure.
Osman Khalid Butt made his solo debut in the lead role with Balu Mahi, and despite its commercial failure, proved he can hold his own as a film star.
I'm sitting there feeling like I'm probably going to tell him that I'm going back to Scotland and just forget it," said the Aberdeen native, whose first album with Stewart as the Eurythmics had been a commercial failure.
The enterprise may have been a resounding commercial failure, but its works are as influential as ever
The debut album by the Velvet Underground was a commercial failure upon release and was almost entirely ignored by contemporary critics, but is now widely recognised as one of the greatest and most influential albums.
Although the device was innovative, it ended up being a commercial failure.
The movie incidentally did not do well, so the source of his anger might just be commercial failure.
That year's planned tour was cancelled, as was another in 2006 after the band reunited then promptly disbanded again following the commercial failure of their third album, Studio 1.
Though Hogan enjoyed success, particularly as coach of Hungary's 'Magical Magyars' who trounced England 6-3 in 1953, the book was a commercial failure, ostensibly because few readers had heard of Hogan.
The film, a commercial failure in Japan during its time of release, was restored in 2015.
Penal and disproportionate excise increases have pushed the industry to the brink of commercial failure.

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