commercial house

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'Did you ever hear of the great commercial house of Bilson & Slum?
He had finished his schooling and was a clerk in a Spanish commercial house of some kind, in Paris, and apparently had made it his business to write home whatever he could hear about me or ferret out from those relations of mine with whom I lived as a girl.
Bullock to continue, for their joint benefit, the affairs of the commercial house, or to go out, as he thought fit.
Thus his nails and modesty were comparable to those of most gentlemen; though his ambition had been educated only by the opportunities of a clerk and accountant in the smaller commercial houses of a seaport.
And yet, on looking over the register of seeds and bulbs, which Van Baerle kept in duplicate, if possible even with greater exactitude and care than the first commercial houses of Amsterdam their ledgers, Boxtel read these lines: --
Damascus, SANA-Syria and the Russian Republic of Crimea on Thursday signed an agreement on enhancing economic and trade cooperation between the two countries within activities of the 61 st edition of Damascus International Fair in the domains of establishing a commercial house and a navigation company by the private sector, in addition to exchanging participation in the exhibitions.
It will be held at Roz Couzens' Chiropody Surgery, Unit 4, Commercial House on Commercial Street in Llantwit Major, on Monday, August 3, between 10am and noon.
Loyal repeat clientele, established commercial house accounts, strategically located on high trafic corner US1 in Homestead.
Other options include a smaller commercial house and, for 2005, the newly built Opera House (booked in 2004 with The Lion King).
In Edinburgh, commercial house from Radio One DJ Danny Rampling is on order at Honeycomb's fortnightly shindig It.
The purpose of this market research questionnaire is to gather information which will be used to inform the procurement strategy for west dunbartonshire council led commercial house development project.
The country's first Museum of Philippine Economic History recently opened in what was once the Ynchausti Commercial House on Calle Real in Iloilo, home of the company that started what will eventually become the world's number one rum, Tanduay.

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