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8220;Logos Biosystems has been providing innovative research instruments to biomedical and life science researchers and now is committed to offer the world's first commercial instrument for Clarity[TM] which will contribute to brain mapping-related projects around the world,” commented Dr.
While e-nose instruments have proven useful for some food, medical, pharmaceutical, and environmental applications, in general, the long-term performance of many commercial instruments has not lived up to expectations, and in recent months, several startup e-nose manufacturers have gone out of business.
in Aerospace Engineering, Koerbel also holds a MBA from Wichita State University and is a commercial instrument rated pilot.
The AFM jumped from a lab novelty to a commercial instrument, prompting the creation of a new instrument industry.
We are on track with our stated milestones of completing the introduction of our genetic analysis instrument system later this year and continue to expect commercial instrument sales in the first half of 2006," he added.
This small coil diameter and the 1-mm coil-to-sample distance allow an order of magnitude improvement in spatial resolution over any previously available commercial instrument.
Today, commercial versions of STMs are available and, except for special analysis requirements, buying a commercial instrument is more practical and less expensive than building your own system.
By combining technologies, intellectual property and staffs, we expect to accelerate product development with the goal of releasing our first commercial instrument system in 2005.
He also is a certified Commercial Instrument Pilot - CFII, MEI.
By combining technologies, intellectual property and highly experienced staffs, the companies expect to accelerate development with the goal of releasing their first commercial instrument system in 2005.
Just as the table top X-ray microscope is made possible by many years of R&D directed at lithography applications, production of this commercial instrument will mature the X-ray source as a standard product, to the benefit of CPL," concluded Walrod.

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