commercial intercourse

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The new route greatly facilitated diplomatic, political, and commercial intercourse between China and Pakistan.
Why, if there was war, should a suspension of commercial intercourse be authorized, for what more complete suspension of that intercourse could there be than the very fact of war?
There are echoes here of the better-known Macartney Embassy to China and the Far East in 1794: there, enlightenment was based--or so it was hoped--on scientific exchange and commercial intercourse.
The major point here is not that countries promote international commercial intercourse for their own benefit--after all, that's a primary goal of all foreign policies--but that the dominant country, that is, the United States, engages in these actions as a zero-sum enterprise, extracting Southeast Asian resources, driving the region's populations into penury, insuring that no local industrial competition can flourish, and condemning these countries to an endless cycle of political and economic subordination.
As a voice-over begins to warn of the dark economic consequences of POP's privacy referendum, viewers see a big stone wall moving from the left side of the screen until it completely blocks the bridge, sealing the state's borders from outside commercial intercourse.
War abrogates all treaties between the belligerents; its suspends all commercial intercourse and relations between their respective subjects, and makes them unlawful; it dissolves all partnerships between subjects of the belligerents; it suspends the operation of all executory contracts during the war.
To persuade the indigenous merchant community to accept the new arrangements, Qing officials even held out the advantages of a "Great Scheme for Commercial Intercourse.

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