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This study investigates consumers' tolerance for commercial messages (e.
Internet users' problems appear when the mail box is filled with unsolicited commercial messages, collectively named spam (http://ec.
Commercial messages from both for-profit and nonprofit entities are subject equally to the act.
The "staying tuned" effect is the prerequisite for the second and third kind, the "attending" and the "being more receptive" effects: factors that might influence attention and reactions to commercial messages can affect only those who are exposed to the message.
FIFA prohibits any political, religious or commercial messages on the players' T-shirts.
Chris Coleman But a FIFA directive prohibits political, religious or commercial messages on shirts, and the governing body has warned both associations that they could face sanctions.
By utilizing comScores television service, Cambridge Analyticas clients will be able to send the right commercial messages, to the right people, in the right place at the right time, making TV advertising campaigns more efficient and effective.
A spokesman for the contest told WalesOnline: "The European Broadcasting Union aims to ensure that the Eurovision Song Contest is free from political statements, unauthorised commercial messages and offensive comments, in line with the contest's rules that all 42 participating broadcasters agreed upon.
Businesses are given a three-year "transition period" wherein they will be allowed to continue sending commercial messages but only if they can prove they've had a business relationship with the recipients, known in law as implied consent, in the past two years.
This site was part of the Google network and we have instructed Google not to surface our commercial messages on this site.
Commercial messages must be broadcast at a similar volume to the other radio and TV programs, according to Bulgarian socialist MP Zahari Georgiev.
A report in a local daily highlighted the resentment expressed by subscribers angered by the flood of unwanted commercial messages and TRA sought to clarify it had no role.

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