commercial profits

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2% each of commercial profits worldwide, and four fifths of the taxes paid directly by businesses.
Lagarde also called on the government to impose taxes on commercial profits, as extra profits are expected, despite any low rates of taxes price, as "tax payers benefit from the government offered services, and thus should contribute to covering costs.
The Company's net profit under the Agreement represents its 50% share of pre-tax commercial profits for IMBRUVICA for the period, less its share of development costs for the period under the collaboration.
We shouldn't endorse massive commercial profits at the expense of our environment and safety.
The government receives taxes on commercial profits, so this will result in a double tax.
The Mining Code, which underwent a substantial review in 2010, has established a very attractive tax regime with companies it exempts from corporate taxes, and taxes on industrial and commercial profits.
The country's average total tax rate, which is defined as the amount of taxes and mandatory contributions payable by businesses after allowable deductions and exemptions as a share of commercial profits, stands at 42.
A serious concern and bottleneck on Pakistan's business and entrepreneurship initiatives have been identified by the GITR on Pakistan's policies on the tax regime introduced in 2011, this actually sum of profit tax, labour tax and social contributions, property taxes, turnover taxes, and other taxes, as a share (%) of commercial profits, Pakistan stood 58 this year from 39 last out of 142 economies in the world.
He stated that projects in such areas of the country were above the realm of commercial profits and highlighted that the Indian Railways is a key player in social welfare.
1 percent of total commercial profits compared to a regional average of 10 percent.
The total tax rate, which measures the amount of taxes and mandatory contributions payable by the business in the second year of operation, expressed as a share of commercial profits for Bulgaria stands at 28.
By the end of 2007, the first of four "anchor tenants" had been signed up and the council was under pressure to drop its demand for a 15 per cent share of any commercial profits in the venture.

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