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GS Carbon's ambition is to affect reductions in the carbon intensity of energy consumption by investing in carbon trading, developing and commercializing advanced new decarbonization technologies, and by developing and owning renewable energy production assets.
In its Ibis division, Isis is developing and commercializing the IBIS biosensor system, a revolutionary system to identify infectious organisms.
OSI Pharmaceuticals is committed to "shaping medicines and changing lives" by discovering, developing and commercializing high-quality and novel pharmaceutical products that extend life or improve the quality of life for patients with cancer, eye diseases and diabetes.
NSCC), the Company that's a leading manufacturer of OLED materials and owns the equipment and the technology for manufacturing super-purified products with consistent quality in commercial scale in advance of any other manufacturers in the world, and Universal Display Corporation (NASDAQ:PANL), the Company that's lighting the way in developing and commercializing OLED technology for flat panel displays, lighting and other opto-electronics with its proprietary PHOLED(TM) phosphorescent OLED technology, today announced a collaboration to develop new markets for red phosphorescent OLED materials.

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