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5, XXXIX of the Const: there is no crime without previous law that defines it, nor penalty without prior legal commination
25) The penitential office of commination contains "a recital of God's anger and judgments against sinners, read in the Church of England especially after the litany on Ash Wednesday.
A Commination," Book of Common Prayer (1559), in Liturgical Services: Liturgies and Occasional Forms of Prayer set forth in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, ed.
These three services, the Commination Service, and Morning and Evening Prayer, are far more likely to have been the model on which Shakespeare patterned the conclusion of Thersites' soliloquy, and it is surprising that they have been overlooked in favour of a rather obscure note in either the Geneva Bible or the Tomson New Testament.
Lingard's operatically extended commination of Willems occupies the whole of Chapters Four and Five of Part IV of An Outcast of the Islands, an example of the notoriously static quality of action in Conrad's novels.
If Faustus had accepted the devil's syllogism, that man must sin in all his actions and therefore must be damned; if Mephastophilis had not been point-device in his bond and descriptions; then we would have had a tract, not a drama of commination.
The Commination Service prayer `Turn thou us, O good Lord' is a four-part canon in which the opening soprano melody is imitated at the fifth, octave and twelfth below by the alto, tenor and bass respectively, at a minim's distance.
An official liturgy for the commination of sinners lingered on in the Book of Common Prayer.
It's all the rage to say so, but one should be cautious amid these extravaganzas of commination.
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