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The fundamental challenge of estimating the number of commingled persons is addressed in this issue with the application of existing methods to a case in which the approximate number is already known.
"From the commingled funds, Edwards allegedly diverted investor money for personal use as well as to finance other unrelated bond offerings."
Addressing every type of market participant, SkyBridge's investment offerings include commingled funds of hedge funds products, customized separate account portfolios, hedge fund advisory services and a long-only mutual fund.
A dozen years ago, haulers began commingled curbside recycling service in Eugene- Springfield, allowing residents to toss paper, cardboard, plastic, tin and aluminum into single roll carts.
The majority of our courts, however, look to whether the funds are traceable to their nonmarital origin or whether they have become irretrievably commingled so as to dissolve the nonmarital character and transform them into a marital asset.
Emphasizing the working relationship between specialists in forensic biology and anthropology, this 23-chapter volume outlines methods for the recovery, analysis, and identification of commingled human remains, as well as ethics, policy, logistics, documentation, and other administrative issues.
The debtor's operating account included funds received from different landowners, including the project owner, on various construction projects, other debtors and affiliates, and sometimes other sources, all of which were commingled in the debtor's operating account.
On August 31, 2009, the IRS published Notice 2009-62, which extended the filing deadline for persons with a financial interest in, or signature authority over, a foreign financial account in which the assets were held in a commingled fund (hereinafter referred to as a "foreign commingled fund").
Henderson's US property funds include the CASA series of closed-end value-added commingled multi-family funds (with CASA V scheduled to launch later this year), Henderson's value-added joint venture Manager of Partners Program, the core open-end commingled Henderson North American Property Fund and customized separate accounts.
The commingled system has the potential to significantly reduce the number of collection containers the Navy has placed throughout the region, as well as the number of trucks and people on the road collecting materials, according to Mike Randazzo, the base's communications director.
* The partners commingled partnership funds with their own; and