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recently installed miles of recycled, commingled (mixed plastic) plastic lumber in its West Lake Park for boardwalks, nature trails, floating docks, fishing piers, observation towers, and an amphitheater.
It's the only process I know of that turns commingled plastics into bottle-grade plastic," says Draney.
Most important, it looks like the commingled blends may outperform single-resin PCR in some cases--Khait cites a comparison of HDPE/PET versus HDPE as the best example.
Color comes in handy for masking the cosmetic effects of contamination, slight degradation, or the mottled appearance of commingled waste.
But since the market value of HDPE recycle is currently so low, Moore's operation doesn't take commingled bottles.
Still, some sorting efficiencies are possible even with commingled bales.
The need for restoring lost properties to recycled resins and for compatibilizing commingled scrap are just two of the factors driving a rush to develop new impact modifiers--some based on new types of materials, including ones with reactive functionality.
To each of the virgin HDPEs, Good also added commingled PE reclaim of different densities and melt indexes.
Sundstrand researchers said they took this approach because of the high cost of thermoplastic prepregs and commingled fabrics, the difficulty of placing such materials into a mold for a complex structure, and the high pressure (300 psi) required to consolidate commingled fabrics, which frequently results in microcracks.