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Liverpool spokesman Ian Cotton confirmed: ``Our club doctor Mark Waller has confirmed that Djibril Cisse suffered a comminuted fracture of the tibia and fracture of the fibula in his left leg.
A type III fracture is a comminuted fracture in which the fracture lines violate the central segment and markedly weaken the stability of the medial canthal tendon.
Marquez diagnosed the patient as having a comminuted fracture of his right humerus, performed a closed reduction of the fracture, and set the patient's arm in a cast.
Indeed, our tests showed powerful adhesive properties exceeding 1000 neutons, equivalent to 225 pounds of force, which could be sufficient to contain even fracture fragments in comminuted fracture repair," said Lally.
Stewart's classification differentiated between type I, extra-articular fracture between the metatarsal base and diaphysis; type II, intra-articular fracture of the metatarsal base; type III, avulsion fracture of the base; type IV, comminuted fracture with intra-articular extension; and type V, partial avulsion of the metatarsal base with or without a fracture.
The concept of intentional delay is often prudent, in which a comminuted fracture is allowed to heal in order to create bone stock, with plans for future osteotomy.
A 1 cm gap ostectomy at the midpoint of each ulna was created to simulate a comminuted fracture.
These low velocity fractures are frequently associated with a Type I open wound and a nondisplaced or locally comminuted fracture.
Immediate weight-bearing after treatment of a comminuted fracture of the femoral shaft with a statically locked intramedullary nail.
The common denominator between all of these types of biological fixation is preservation of the soft tissue attachments to the comminuted fracture fragments.
Tscherne ranks injuries from Type 0 (minimal soft tissue damage with simple fracture patterns) to Type III (extensive skin contusion and crush, compartment syndrome, severe or comminuted fracture configuration).
His injuries included significant left orbital injury resulting in a ruptured, blind eye and severely comminuted fractures of the left orbital roof, superior and inferior orbital rims, and orbital floor.