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Four geological domain composites were subjected to a program of comminution scoping tests, including Crushing Work Index (CWi), Bond Ball Mill Work Index (BWi) and Abrasion Index (Ai).
4) The degrees of comminution using Win-Quist et al classification are: 6 patients had type I, 2 had type II.
Though we cannot affirm that the cause of tendon rupture in the index case is attrition by dorsal bone spurs, the described complication suggests that hand surgeons should be aware in distal radius fracture with dorsal metaphyseal comminution. Small dorsal fragments maintained by the dorsal periosteum usually have no further sequel if left in place and need no reduction maneuvers.
The comminution segment was the core of the centralized biomass recovery operation.
Keith Cochrane, CEO of Weir, added: "This agreement will allow Weir Minerals to build upon its successful comminution strategy.
Should comminution succeed, virtually no contaminated water would come out of the well, Bazant said.
Metaphyseal comminution was recorded, according to the location, as absent or as involving the dorsal metaphysis, volar metaphysis, or both the dorsal and the volar metaphysis.
Two different stump fuel supply chains were considered in the analyses and selected to represent two different locations for comminution and thereby two different transportation options.
The pre-feasibility investigation was conducted to characterise the Matilda ore with the aim of determining head grade, comminution response plus testing the response to gravity separation and precious metal recovery by cyanide leaching.
The CT scan showed coronal split of humeral head with comminution of articular surface on both the sides.
The Mikro Mak Mill offers single stage processing by combining impact comminution, cutting and classifying within one mill.
Global Banking News-July 20, 2011--Northland commission Metso to supply comminution services(C)2011 ENPublishing -