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The site's content is centered on the three stages of divorce - contemplation or break-up, divorce proceedings and life after divorce - and members have the freedom to celebrate - or commiserate - their divorce status in an intimate environment of like-minded people.
We must 'respect the visitor' to our stadium, treat them as our friends, welcome them unconditionally, commiserate in defeat and congratulate in victory.
It instantly became a forum for "blue" citizens to commiserate and to send submissions of their own "sorry everybody" signs.
He also does not back away from the uncomfortable theme of envy in friendships, challenging readers on whether they celebrate their friends' successes as easily as they commiserate with their failures.
Florenz Ziegfeld hired the great Bert Williams for the otherwise all-white Follies of 1910, inviting the audience to commiserate with a black man's misery in Williams's signature rendition of "Me and My Shadow.
exposing the underside of high school politics, and most YAs will be able to relate to it and to chuckle and commiserate with Ella over Carla's evil doings.
We lost the big game, but we gave it our best and it was time to celebrate, not commiserate.
A: The benefits of professional development and networking--as well as being able to recharge your batteries and commiserate with your colleagues--are practically immeasurable.
Having colleagues with whom to commiserate was not the same as having a female mentor or role model who had "made it," so when I found myself unexpectedly pregnant near the end of my fellowship, I panicked--coping with morning sickness and wondering how I would ever care for a baby and start a practice and build a research program.
Commiserate with her by saying something like, "Is camp food one notch below prison food or what?
Cinzano and Smirnova's Birthday studies the relationships of three men and three women as they celebrate and commiserate their lives by getting drunk in 1980s Moscow.
The idea being that to be a compassionate, patient and understanding leader, one must be able to commiserate with the companions in their pilgrimage.