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CONGRATULATIONS to all those who did well in their A-levels and commiserations to disappointed students.
CONGRATULATIONS to Colin Wood (Janus, Northern Echo) on his victory in the Racing Post Naps table, though commiserations to Nick Fox (Templegate) who led for much of the season.
Our commiserations also to little Rebecca, who's enduring a "fun" day at Pauline's surrounded by terrifying old-age pensioners.
Our warmest congratulations go to the six finalists, and commiserations to those eliminated at this stage.
PS Commiserations to Peter on his untimely exit from the competition.
Good luck to the youngsters who excelled in their exams and commiserations to those left somewhat disappointed by their grades.
Commiserations if, like me, you were on Slemy at big prices.
ON behalf of the Dewsbury County Conservative Association I am writing to send commiserations to former Dewsbury MP Simon Reevell on his narrow defeat in last Thursday's General Election and to thank him for his contribution during his five years in charge.
Following that logic there would have been no commiserations if they had lost.
Commiserations to Sacred Heart C who kept up the pressure until the final ball with a 5-1 victory over their A team compatriots.
A statement issued from PkMAP central secretariat here on Sunday expressed deep shock and grief over the loss of innocent lives in the bomb blast and expressed commiserations with the bereaved families.