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The only exception was the film Commissar, which was, however, banned immediately after its production.
But why were the military orders necessary, Karel Berkhoff asks, if the Commissar order already had Jews in mind?
From the start, the rule was set that all government directives to the Patriarch Aleksii or to the local priests be delivered orally, whether these were issued by the Council or by the regional commissars. Moreover, the directives and decrees of the Sovnarkom to the Council, and subsequently from the Council to the commissars and other regional authorities, were to be kept strictly confidential and secret.
The Chinese government has already dismissed the two top navy officers, navy commander Shi Yunsheng and navy political commissar Yang Huaiqing, after the incident.
Liu Shutian, political commissar of the Guangzhou Military Region, who was visiting Hong Kong to announce the personnel changes, paid a visit to the territory's Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa on Thursday, the agency said.
Pyotr Voyd, Petersburg poet, veers between alternate "realities," sometimes as "Petka" the Red commissar, at others "Petya," a nineties mental patient.
The result - The Commissar Vanishes - will be shown on seven screens at Warwick Arts Centre, one of only two venues for the multi-media event.
I recall a moment during the Vietnam War when a self-appointed political commissar of the anti-war movement phoned me: "Howard, I see you endorsed the antiwar rally called by the SWP [yes, that same inescapable bunch].
For the sake of our future we better pray that the Commissar for Nuclear Technology creamed off all the best brains and left space travel to the dunces.
He calls Home Secretary Michael Howard the "Jewish Commissar" and blasts police for prosecuting racists.
Memorable essays are included in The Yogi and the Commissar and Other Essays (1945), and in the collection The God That Failed (1949), edited by R.
Based on a story by Vassily Grossman (and, like his novel Life and Fate, longsuppressed), Commissar is about an already overburdened Jewish couple, Yefun and Maria Magazanik, who are forced to billet a dedicated but inconveniently pregnant Bolshevik-a tough cookie who, at the beginning of the film, orders the execution of a soldier for going AWOL in order to visit his wife.

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