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La troisieme convention a ete signee entre le commissariat regional de l'education de Bizerte et l'Academie d'Aix Marseille.
The Commissariat stressed the need to champion and advocate for the land and Jerusalem on Land Day by participating in the popular march Friday, March 30th at the Kalandia entrance and in Bethlehem.
The Bulgarian state claims that all royal properties were in fact state properties because they were legally owned by the commissariat, a special institution managing state property in the period when Bulgaria was a monarchy before 1946.
Le poste de commissaire au lobbying, haut fonctionnaire du Parlement, ainsi que le Commissariat au lobbying (designe par l'acronyme CAL), ont alors vu le jour.
He furthermore cancelled two media engagements, according to his Press secretary, who insisted he would not be going to the police commissariat.
Heinzen conducts a careful study of the personnel of the commissariat, showing the extent to which Tsarist-era specialists and bureaucrats continued to work in the commissariat through the 1920s.
Gribshin eventually comes to serve the postrevolutionary Commissariat of Enlightenment, through which he comes to understand that a canny government will "either starve the masses of meaning or expose them to so much that the sum of it would be unintelligible.
It is not to be wondered at if the men who came forward as commissariat officers were not over scrupulous, and in fact tended to come from the very worst elements of the commercial world.
On 5 February 2007, Societe des Participations du Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (AREVA), Paris, France, published the offer document ("AREVA Offer Document") for its voluntary public takeover offer to the shareholders of REpower Systems AG, Hamburg, Germany, to acquire all non-par value bearer shares (ISIN DE0006177033) in REpower Systems AG ("AREVA Takeover Offer") and subsequently amended the offer repeatedly.
En effet, les services du commissariat regional au developpement agricole avaient programme 17 mille quintaux en semences selectionnees pour couvrir les besoins des agriculteurs, mais seuls 8300 quintaux ont ete mis a la disposition de la region dont 82% ont ete repartis, a indique, dimanche, le commissaire regional de l'agriculture a la Manouba, Hedi Hamrouni.
Prequalification are invited for for a general project organization for the development of the project, including estimates for the project "Overhaul of the building with elements of the modernization of the military commissariat Krichevsky district on the street.
beaucoup moins que] Suite a des informations parvenues aux responsables de l'association, qui travaille depuis 2015 en etroite collaboration avec le Commissariat national du littoral pour la preservation des iles Habibas, une mission de reperage a ete organisee le 12 novembre [beaucoup plus grand que], a souligne son secretaire general, Amine Chakouri.

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