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COMMISSARY. An officer whose principal duties are to supply the army with provisions.
     2. The Act of April 14, 1818, s. 6, requires that the president, by and with the consent of the senate, shall appoint a commissary general with the rank, pay, and emoluments of colonel of ordnance, and as many assistants, to be taken from the sub-alterns of the line, as the service may require. The commissary general and his assistants shall perform such duties, in the purchasing and issuing of rations to the armies of the United States, as the president may direct. The duties of these officers are further detailed in the subsequent sections of this act,, and in the Act of March 2, 1821.

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Do as I bade you," cried the commissary, "and preserve absolute secrecy.
BURBANK - A new food service provider who'll run the NBC commissary will bring in its own staff, but may retain some of the current employees, officials told food service workers Thursday.
Base Commissary in February 2011 after working closely with Joan Haskins, PAVE Long Beach vocational rehabilitation counselor.
Wagner, appearing in front of Pennsylvania Veterans of Foreign Wars here, asked for a unified front to keep the commissary and PX facilities open at the Charles E.
Contacts: Rich Gray, Executive Vice President, Keefe Supply Company Jack Donnelly, Executive Vice President, Keefe Commissary Network
Carson's jabbings haven't slowed NBC employees who are still collecting petition signatures calling on the network's top West Coast brass to guarantee jobs for the commissary employees when a new company takes over the food service business next month.
Shopping at a commissary or exchange is a small benefit military families enjoy.
Kelly Support Facility and its commissary, military clothing sales store and PX.
He also runs a coffee cart cafe at The Culver Studios commissary.
The National Military Family Association, which represents the interests of millions of military families, mentioned the savings realized by the commissary and exchange programs as one of the primary reasons for joining the Coalition to Save Our Military Shopping Benefits.
In a letter sent to Patrick Nixon, DeCA's chief executive officer, Wagner also asked DeCA to fast-track approval of the construction of a new commissary in Western Pennsylvania and to release funding already approved for construction of a new commissary at Willow Grove.

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