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A person charged with the management or direction of a board, a court, or a government agency.

A commissioner has the power and responsibility to administer laws or rules that relate to a specific subject matter over which he or she has authority. Generally, he or she is appointed specially, as in the case of a commissioner of court.

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2 a lawyer in Scotland appointed to take evidence out of court.
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COMMISSIONER, officer. One who has a lawful commission to execute a public office. In a more restricted sense it is one who is authorized to execute. a particular duty, as, commissioner of the revenue, canal commissioner. The term when used in this latter sense is not applied, for example, to a judge. There are commissioners, too, who have no regular commissions and derive their author from the elections held by the people. County commissioners, in Pennsylvania, are officers of the latter kind.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Muhammad Abbas Baloch directed all the Assistant Commissioners to personally approach the parents and convince them to get their children immunized so that 100 percent target could be achieved.
Hon Funmilayo Orisadeyi - Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftancy Matters
Further, Thatta deputy commissioner (DC) received Rs2 million; Badin DC receieved Rs2 million, DC Sujawal received Rs2 million, Dadu DC Rs1 million, Ghotki DC Rs1 million, Jacobabad DC has Rs1 million, Jamshoro DC received Rs1 million, Kashmore DC has Rs1 million, Thar - Mithi DC has Rs 1 million, Matari DC has Rs1 million, Naushehro Feroz DC has been given Rs1 million, Sanghar DC Rs1 million, Tando Muhammad Khan DC Rs 1 million, whereas Shikarpur DC, Tando Allahyar DC, Umerkot DC, Shahdadkot - Kamber DC and Khairpur DC have also been given Rs1 million to fix public issues that arose from the heavy rainfall.
The National Head Office will on 1 August also see Lieutenant General Nhlanhla Sibusiso Mkhwanazi return to his post of Divisional Commissioner: Operational Response Services (ORS).
Meanwhile, as the internal shake up continues with more areas affected, the Minister of Finance has given approval for the new Commissioner, Col Kwadwo Damoah, to wear the Customs uniform.
Principal staff officer (PSO) to chief secretary Mohammad Umari has been transferred and posted deputy commissioner Buner, while PSO to chief minister Arifullah Awan has been appointed deputy commissioner Haripur, replacing Zahid Pervez, who has been directed to report to the establishment department.
Mateneman Kamara laments that Commissioner Williams did not lock the bathrooms that had the problem, but she chose to lock their entire house from the morning hours up to the time of this interview on Thursday at 3PM.
posted/adjusted as Assistant Commissioner Dadyal, Naeem Akhtar Assistant Commissioner Dadyal transferred and posted as Principal Revenue Academy against the vacant post, Hafiz Muhammad Ali Assistant Commissioner (BS-17) posted/adjusted as Assistant Commissioner Barnala, Mr.
Chair: Jessica Altman, Commissioner, Pennsylvania Insurance Department
While commenting on the occasion, he stated that in the year 2001, the office of the deputy commissioner was abolished and was re-established in the year 2013, since then there was no formal court room and allied offices in District Peshawar.
Deputy Commissioner Duki, Abdul Nasir Khan Dotani, Deputy Commissioner Barkhan Suhail Ahmed Hashmi, Deputy Commissioner Zhob Abdul Jabbar Baloch, Assistant Commissioner Revenue Hazart Wali Kakar, Assistant Commissioner Rehmatullah Qaisarani, Assistatn Commissioner Bori Fiaz Ali, District Health Officer Loralai Ahmed Ali Baloch, DHO Musakhel Muhammad Anwar and other officer attended the meeting.

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