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A person charged with the management or direction of a board, a court, or a government agency.

A commissioner has the power and responsibility to administer laws or rules that relate to a specific subject matter over which he or she has authority. Generally, he or she is appointed specially, as in the case of a commissioner of court.

See: caretaker, deputy, functionary, incumbent


2 a lawyer in Scotland appointed to take evidence out of court.

COMMISSIONER, officer. One who has a lawful commission to execute a public office. In a more restricted sense it is one who is authorized to execute. a particular duty, as, commissioner of the revenue, canal commissioner. The term when used in this latter sense is not applied, for example, to a judge. There are commissioners, too, who have no regular commissions and derive their author from the elections held by the people. County commissioners, in Pennsylvania, are officers of the latter kind.

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Allah Dino Channa Ex-PCS (BS-17) Assistant Commissioner Ghotki has been transferred and posted as Assistant Commissioner Tangwani, district Kashmore - Kandhkot against an existing vacancy.
He joined the Department in 2011 as Deputy Borough Commissioner in Manhattan.
Note: As of press time, a new insurance commissioner was expected to be named by the end of January.
Mayor Jim Ledford said he still believes it is in the city's best interest to continue with the policy enacted in June 2004 to appoint planning commissioners by district.
The Commissioner also embraced tax simplification, stating that complexity in the Code is burdening tax-payers and the IRS alike and, indeed, that complexity may hinder taxpayers' willingness (and ability) to comply with the tax laws.
This year, Menlo College awarded Commissioner Wilson a Doctor of Humane Letters in recognition of her significant contributions to the field of rehabilitation.
Commissioner Thomas Moore, who assumed the role of Acting Chairman after Ann Brown's departure, has administered the business of CPSC faithfully.
In addition, time is an issue; it took until February 2001 for the commissioners to hear and deny Stokes's petition.
One of the first activities was to engage in preliminary discussions with the university's privacy commissioner.
Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne today published his notice of intent to appoint Norman DesRosiers, a Tribal Gaming Commissioner for the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians, to the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC).
Similarly Amjad Ali Khan Deputy Commissioner Malakand has been transferred and posted as Deputy Commissioner Kohat in his own pay and scale.
Commissioner Zhob Division, Siddique Mandokhail has been transferred and posted as the Secretary, Law and Parliamentary Affairs department, Iqbal Ahmed Khosa, who was awaiting posting orders, has been posted as the Secretary Civic Planning and Development.

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