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* Pre-commissioning, the entire process at the end of the construction and installation phase which prepares a compressor station to move to the core (main) commissioning phase.
* The core (main) commissioning stage, in which various systems of a station are placed into initial operation.
Based on various reports, the machinery commissioning stage is extremely critical for any compressor station project.
In addition to testing the building systems, it's important to know that typically the commissioning provider administers and coordinates both the operation and maintenance manuals and the training protocol.
The benefits of commissioning are well documented as far as energy savings.
The developer community is recognizing the benefits of commissioning, specifically the non-energy related impacts such as improved operating systems, 30% reduction in change orders of systems to be commissioned, elimination of holdover and damages and on-time rent commencement.
With the scope and quality of commissioning varying widely throughout the industry, the BCA has also established what a typical commissioning scope should include, called "Valuable Elements of Building Commissioning." This can be found on the BCA website as well.
The BCA has also formalized many commissioning practices into template documents that owners and providers can use on projects, including language for requests for proposals (RFPs), commissioning-services contracts, and checklists and test procedures for commissioning providers.
Commissioning needs to occur as early as possible in a building's lifecycle in order to achieve the best results.
Commissioning can be done on new construction projects and called just that, commissioning.
Commissioning lends an operator's eye to the designer's vision.
--Thomas Ediger, NCTM Chair, MTNA Composer Commissioning Program Nebraska City, Nebraska He is the director of choral activities and professor of music at Peru State College.

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