commit murder

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References in classic literature ?
A TURBULENT Person was brought before a Judge to be tried for an assault with intent to commit murder, and it was proved that he had been variously obstreperous without apparent provocation, had affected the peripheries of several luckless fellow-citizens with the trunk of a small tree, and subsequently cleaned out the town.
Thus speaketh the red judge: "Why did this criminal commit murder? He meant to rob." I tell you, however, that his soul wanted blood, not booty: he thirsted for the happiness of the knife!
"Yes, if having obtained power, without availing himself of it to commit murder he had restored it to the rightful king, I should have called him a great man," remarked the vicomte.
There's no one going to commit murder in the streets of New York without finding himself in the Tombs before he's a week older.
The two Englishmen and the Spaniard who saved the poor savage were of the opinion that they should hang one of the three for an example to the rest, and that particularly it should be he that had twice attempted to commit murder with his hatchet; indeed, there was some reason to believe he had done it, for the poor savage was in such a miserable condition with the wound he had received that it was thought he could not live.
"I suppose any one is liable to commit murder all of a sudden.
"My God, Lord Greystoke," he managed to scream, "would you commit murder for a handful of stones?"
"I didn't commit murder," continued the Catastrophist mildly, "but only perjury.
Again, it is unusual for burglars to operate at so early an hour, it is unusual for burglars to strike a lady to prevent her screaming, since one would imagine that was the sure way to make her scream, it is unusual for them to commit murder when their numbers are sufficient to overpower one man, it is unusual for them to be content with a limited plunder when there was much more within their reach, and finally, I should say, that it was very unusual for such men to leave a bottle half empty.
He was ultimately charged with first-degree murder and solicitation to commit murder. As his trial is nearing, Frazee and his defense team have made requests to both suppress evidence and introduce an alternate suspect in the case.
Gregory Winfrey is serving two Life sentences for the crimes of Murder 2nd Degree and Assault with Intent to Commit Murder. He was sentenced on November 5, 1990 out of Kent County.
DETECTIVES probing the drive-by shooting of a Birmingham man have charged three teenagers with conspiracy to commit murder.