commit perjury

See: falsify, lie
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Esperon then challenged the cause-oriented groups, saying that the respondents must prove that they did not commit perjury.
If approved into law, public officials or employees who commit perjury and subornation of perjury shall be handed out with a heavier penalty and will be perpetually disqualified from holding a public office or employment.
Senate President Vicente Sotto III has filed a bill seeking to impose longer jail terms for those who will commit perjury.
Individuals who commit perjury are complicit in the miscarriage of justice; they corrupt the legal process whose very purpose is to uncover the truth.
He first contended that structural error occurred when the District Court judge presided over his jury trial after hearing a comment by defense counsel during an ex parte conversation that suggested that appellant might commit perjury. Appellant next argued that his right to effective assistance of counsel under the Sixth Amendment was violated when defense counsel disclosed client communications during the ex parte conversation with the District Court judge.
Should domestic violence victims be allowed to commit perjury without consequences?
it would appear that he did commit perjury during his Senate confirmation hearings in January when he told Franken the following: "I am not aware of any of those activities.
"People who commit perjury to avoid punishment before the courts bring the whole system of justice into disrepute.
"You went on to commit perjury in the course of successfully pursuing that action, as a result of which you were awarded a very large sum of damages."
TOMMY SHERIDAN has been acquitted of trying to persuade a witness to commit perjury shortly before his defamation case, after prosecutors dropped the charge.
He also denies another charge of attempting to persuade a witness, Colin Fox, to commit perjury shortly before the 23-day legal action got under way.
A 51-YEAR-OLD Lanrnaca lawyer has been charged with inciting a witness to commit perjury and intervening with justice during the trial of man who sexually abused his two daughters.