commit perjury

See: falsify, lie
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That says when a defendant in a criminal case informs his or her lawyer that the defendant intends to commit perjury and refuses to be dissuaded, the attorney must inform the court of the client's intent and seek permission to withdraw from the case.
In addition to the searches, he said, teams of district attorney's investigators staked out Ortiz's home during the days before he was charged on April 24 with a criminal conspiracy to commit perjury and falsify a police report.
Isaacson also maintains Harper did nothing wrong during the 1996 arrest of Allan Lobos, despite charges by the county that he and two other officers conspired to file a false police report and to commit perjury after they planted a gun on Lobos.
Evans admitted perjury at Caernarfon Crown Court and to charges of procuring his step-grandmother Cheryl Lloyd and his cousin Jamie Lloyd to commit perjury.
The most nauseating part of Kendall and Ruffs rebuttal is the wild spinning and mad somersaults aimed at showing that Clinton did not really commit perjury in his civil deposition or his grand jury testimony.
The four-count felony complaint says the cops engaged in a criminal conspiracy to file a false police report and to commit perjury to send a gang member to prison in 1996.
People who commit perjury to avoid punishment before the courts bring the whole system of justice into disrepute.
TOMMY SHERIDAN has been acquitted of trying to persuade a witness to commit perjury shortly before his defamation case, after prosecutors dropped the charge.
Mr Sheridan also denies trying to persuade a pal to commit perjury by claiming Ms Scott's notes were wrong.
A 51-YEAR-OLD Lanrnaca lawyer has been charged with inciting a witness to commit perjury and intervening with justice during the trial of man who sexually abused his two daughters.
A year ago, the defense asked for dismissal of the case, accusing the prosecution of withholding evidence and of allowing its star witness, Khouj, to commit perjury and obstruct justice.