commit sin

See: offend
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And th' chapter afore, where it says,--"He that is born of God cannot commit sin.
When we commit sin, we're transgressing against ourselves, and transgression by definition is an imbalance.
I feel that it is my responsibility to remind my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters not to commit sin, and that is why I am sharing my experience," The Star quoted her, as saying at a press conference.
Sometimes those readings will make reference to God's natural law and ways in which we, almost without exception, break those laws and commit sin (offend God).
Those who commit sin demonstrate by their sinning that they are not free, tightening their bondage to sin in the process (8:34).
Protestants were too ignorant to commit sin and be damned.
Bush and John Ashcroft must resign as they commit sin by violating the word of God when they judge people - i.
They frowned upon the monk's belief that to be absolved of sin, one had to first commit sin.
Sinner is a technical term, meaning not people who commit sin, but people in a line of business that facilitates dishonesty.
According to Islam, all prophets are divinely protected from sin and have no innate inclination to commit sin.
24, of encouraging each other to commit sin when the man allowed the woman to take off his shirt and massage him.
I think our seminaries would do well to spend more time helping our future priests attain hypersensitive consciences rather than complicate otherwise simple decisions with illusions of an ability to flirt with evil (even in the most remote fashion) and not commit sin.