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COMMIX has the potential to reduce costs and factory rejection rates of cast metal products, such as engine blocks and aircraft components, according to Bill Sha, manager of Argonne's COMMIX project.
COMMIX originally was developed to predict the mixing of liquid sodium used to cool advanced nuclear power plants.
The Commix 32 makers standards-based LAN-WAN interconnections by being compatible with Ethernet, TCP/IP, and DEC/LAT on the LAN portion, and X.
Server/gateway, such as the Commix 32, provide directly attached terminals or PCs with gateway access to the X.
Users served by the Commix 32s occupy three buildings, each with its own LAN.
Felix Da Housecat tops the bill, joined by Aeroplane (DJ set), Ocelot (Live), Revo, High Contrast, Commix and DJ Distance.
CHIBUKU Shake Shake is back on Saturday September 15 with LTJ Bukem MC Conrad, Justin Robertson, Kissy Sell Out, High Contrast, Commix and more to be announced.