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A combination living/dining room stretches grandly to 30 feet with a wide bank of French doors to an entertainment terrace, and a commodious center-island kitchen adjoins a family room and informal dining area that opens through more French doors to a flat and grassy yard with swimming pool and oversized guesthouse that accommodates a gym, media room, office and a guest/staff bedroom.
IT'S the ultimate Q-car - restrained and elegant despite the well-muscled flanks, and within, it's opulent and commodious. Yet beneath the fluted bonnet there's a near-300bhp twin-turbo diesel engine that delivers genuine thump-in-the-rump power.
Brilliant to drive, hugely commodious, wonderfully versatile, plus 45mpg, it's a compelling cocktail of estate and 4x4 that drives like a car.
So in my child's mind, I led charges over the top and got at the Hun with cold steel, amply provided with props from the commodious cupboards upstairs - a Luger pistol greased in its holster, a bloodstained bayonet, a Sam Browne, a military tunic with the colonel's crown and pips on the sleeves and, of course, the letters home from the Somme.
BEING driven to the Southport Flower Show last week through Birkdale and approaching Southport, I was astonished at the large number of For Sale signs outside commodious if not luxurious properties.
It takes all essentials, has enough pockets for an assault on Everest and is sufficiently commodious to carry a spare shirt and underpants for long-haul flights to Australia.
Americans generally have bigger bottoms than we do, so it was some relief that the Pacer's seats were commodious. In fact, space inside was generous throughout, with headroom aplenty for the piled up Country and Western beehive or, for the chaps, a stetson.
200 YEARS AGO:To be let and entered upon immediately, Wroxhall House, Warwickshire, a handsome, roomy and commodious mansion fit for the reception of a genteel family with stabling for 20 horses, a double coach houses and all other requisite offices, and a quantity of land not exceeding 20 acres abounding with game.
The kitchen, certainly commodious if frightfully dated, incorporates a butler's pantry, laundry room, rear stairs and an informal dining area that looks out to a walled courtyard with tiled fountain.
The sharp looks go hand in hand with practicality; the Gran Turismo boot can be extended from 440-litres up to 1,700-litres make it the second most commodious model offered by BMW.
He also arranged for the transportation of our commodious luggage, which had been thoroughly searched by the Georgian authorities, to the UK, and for the safe keeping of my personal effects - plastic cards, passport etc.
Today bedroom furniture is light, commodious, and much of it is built-in.