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Some boats to float from their tony repertoire inclue the immense 96 foot Canados, which has a VIP bedroom, a master suite and tow other commodious guestrooms, plus five bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area and common spaces.
This commodious study of the relationship between spirituality and agriculture calls into question prevailing practices of modern industrialism.
The home measures in at more than 7,000 square feet with a comfortably commodious open-plan living/dining area, a huge family room, and a skylit eat-in kitchen.
Press it further and you are reminded by noticeable body roll and some 'body float' over undulating road surfaces, that this is a commodious family car rather than a sporting model.
The 1843 publication 'Smith's Strangers - a picture guide to Liverpool' says: "This is a commodious place of worship for seamen, originally an 18-gun sloop that is now fitted in the usual manner of a church with galleries for services.
Not only is the superyacht built to a high standard in all areas, but it displayed a spacious layout that includes a tender garage and a commodious crew area, as well as outstanding facilities for both owners and guests - representing exceptional value for its $9.
But it wasn't until 1902 that works were completed and the final building was described as "the most commodious and imposing edifice on the main island" and was known locally as "The Kutty".
The ground floor contains a nursery for 17 cots and two day rooms, all occupying the south aspect of the buildings, and above, on the first floor, are three large dormitories, with commodious bathroom accommodation and the necessary sick rooms.
Community solar is a cost-efficient, commodious way for all customers to have the chance for solar, making it progressively popular across the country.
A land of great failure and uselessness, a commodious anger.
As you walk into the commodious cafe, the scenes shift from an open bakery where cakes and pastries are freshly baked to a hot kitchen where orders are processed.
It has a post office under Hudders-field, a penny savings' bank, a church institute and reading-room, and a commodious mechanics' hall, erected in 1849, and including a library and reading room.