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My other work having now stood still, because of my making these tools, when they were finished I went on, and working every day, as my strength and time allowed, I spent eighteen days entirely in widening and deepening my cave, that it might hold my goods commodiously.
Money] is [simply] a machine for doing quickly and commodiously [the exchanges that] would be done, though less quickly and less commodiously [through pure barter] (Mill, 1888 [1848], p.
In actuality, scientist Lee Smolin (quoted by Carrier) argues that the available scientific evidence strongly suggests that the universe is the best, most commodiously designed universe for producing black holes.
Changes are mentioned, though not dwelt upon: Henry's wife, their cousin Eliza de Feullide, died at the end of April; May found him preparing to move from Sloane Street to Henrietta Street; on 15 September Jane Austen writes, from Henrietta Street, that she and her niece Fanny are "most commodiously disposed of" with a bedroom, adjoining dressing room, and "poor Eliza's bed.