common agreement

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The state represents their common agreement, force their failure to make that agreement complete.
Common agreement is also needed on what is allowed in terms of tax rulings and advanced transfer pricing agreements (how transactions are valued within the same company).
A Galway county committee statement read: "The mediation process has concluded and the Independent Mediator has determined that despite best efforts there was little, if no, possibility of the parties reaching common agreement on the substantive issue.
Khartoum, 22 July(SUNA)-Ministers of Water Resources at the Countries of Renaissance Dam (Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt) have asserted importance of reaching a common agreement over the studies presented by the consultants and reaching a road map which will contribute to speed up establishment of the Dam.
The development comes even as both the warring factions in the party are trying to reconcile and come to a common agreement.
26 that the Republic of Cyprus disappeared in 1963 and that the two populations of the island should decide on how to use and distribute the fossil fuels based on a common agreement.
Anand Sharma said, "We are in favor of common agreement.
In his words, elections in end of July were still technically possible awith common agreement and minimum law amendments.
When we have reached common agreement then the decision can be adopted by the Foreign Affairs Council on Monday afternoon the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna should be able to tell us early Monday morning whether or not Iran has fulfilled its commitments or not," he noted.
Kyrgyzstan is expecting for the joint investigation of the recent incident on the state border and its results in order to come to a common agreement on border security and public safety.
Halfway leader Tom Lewis shot a one-over 73 at Carnoustie, by common agreement the toughest of the three famous courses used in the event.
When two powers are in public agreement over a goal, the question is not who will win, but how both can verify their common agreement in good faith.

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