common ancestry

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the idea of a universal and essential Hindu identity that is based on ethnicity and common ancestry thus making each person born in India (understood as the subcontinent disregard less of modern political states in it) on Indian soil a Hindu.
Whether by osmosis, coincidence, common ancestry or theft, there are plenty of hit songs that sound suspiciously similar to pre-existing sound tracks or music.
The first Americans - humans who crossed onto the North American continent and then dispersed throughout Central and South America - all share common ancestry. But as they settled different areas, the populations diverged and became distinct.
According to an Express Tribune report, both Pakistan and India have common ancestry regarding Hamdard Laboratories.
Homology -- a similar trait shared by different species and derived from common ancestry, such as a seal's fin and a bird's wing -- is one of the most fundamental yet challenging concepts in evolutionary biology.
Family records also show she is the Queen's 11th cousin, once removed, and also shares common ancestry with George VI, Robert the Bruce and King John.
We have common ancestry, we are so linked by virtue of blood, and our two kingdoms have a common ancestral history.
* The RSS asserts that ancestors of all people of Indian origin, including 172 million Muslims, were Hindu and that they must accept their common ancestry as part of Mother India.
16 (ANI): Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat said on Monday that people following diverse practices in India have a common ancestry.
Haplotype analysis by the authors was suggestive of a common ancestry though the families had been living in their present locations without any sort of contact between them for decades.
The Asiatic brown bear, on the other hand, has a close common ancestry with its kin in America and Eurasia.
These viruses were the closest relatives for 4 of the 8 North American segments that contributed to the H5Nx reassortants based on the time of most recent common ancestry (tMRCA) analysis (online Technical Appendix Figures 2-12).

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