common assent

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And then they holp up their father, and so by their common assent promised unto Sir Marhaus never to be foes unto King Arthur, and thereupon at Whit- suntide after, to come he and his sons, and put them in the king's grace.
George said he felt thirsty (I never knew George when he didn't); and, as I had a presentiment that a little whisky, warm, with a slice of lemon, would do my complaint good, the debate was, by common assent, adjourned to the following night; and the assembly put on its hats and went out.
For an instant, as though by common assent, we ceased our fighting to look for the meaning of this new note nor did it take but a moment to translate its significance.
By common assent, Peter Williams, recently retired, was one of New Zealand's leading criminal lawyers.
Few causes gain common assent, few ideas receive widespread acclaim.
By common assent, Alan Greenspan's performance that earned a perfect score was his success in getting the Fed to hold off raising interest rates when U.S.
But by common assent, we group them for conversation.

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