common denominator

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Yet, implicitly, success at getting to the human universals, or our common denominator, must yield substance compatible with non-Western findings as well.
Humpf, they probably only teach lowest common denominators in math classes.
FURTHER to Felicity Elphick's letter of December 24 regarding her experiences with the North Wales Police as a result of various incidents and burglary at her premises and the congratulatory letter of Eurig Wyn to the North Wales Police on coming top of the league in crime detection, may I ask what do the readers feel is the common denominator in the following incidents?
As implied by its name, an enterprise software best-of-breed approach defines a lowest common denominator into which multiple vendors' software will be integrated.
He spoke of the International Accounting Standards (IAS) to take effect beginning in January 2005, saying, "IAS are a fact, and we are going to live with convergence [with the U.S.]." He noted that the process itself is "raising all the posts [by] trying to bring all up to a higher standard [rather than] searching for a common denominator."
In designing a system of any type, where there is a range of requirements that need to be met to satisfy a number of diverse customers, it always helps to start at the least common denominator and then add where necessary to satisfy the more demanding requirements.
"Sound art," Neuhaus contended, had become a sloppy catchphrase encompassing a slew of disparate practices whose only common denominator was that they bore some relationship to sound.
Centered on real-life stories from Australia, France, Germany, and the United States, these films have no common denominator save for an insistence on dealing with a reality that "reality television" consistently avoids.
A common denominator of all the projects is that they improve a military installation's strategic mobility.
"It pandered to the least common denominator," he says.
But the second and more fundamental common denominator is an absence of internal oversight.
These foundations and the transnational corporations that fund the enviro-Leninists and other extremists invariably share an important common denominator: their boards of directors are peppered with members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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