common feature

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The Agouti is a true friend of the desert; it is a common feature of the landscape to see two or three hopping quickly one after the other in a straight line across these wild plains.
Lying in it, as in a grave or sarcophagus, with a hurried drapery of sheet and blanket thrown across it, was the body of a heavily-made man, with an obtuse head, and coarse, mean, common features. A sky-light had been opened to release the steam with which the room had been filled; but it hung, condensed into water-drops, heavily upon the walls, and heavily upon the face and figure in the bath.
Then, those large eyes, with that capacity for reflecting light, are common features of nocturnal things-- witness the owl and the cat.
Historically, a common feature of all strong states has been a strong military coupled with civil institutions, a de jure capability to defend their territory and policies that favoured the citizens rather than dominant classes like feudal lords and industrial robber barons.
Most Pakistanis, from my captivating Karachi to my Islamabad the beautiful, are drinking adulterated milk, So much so the milk we drink even in the holy month of Ramdhan is also tainted/contaminated, but who cares in this society where violation of quality safety standards is a common feature.
"While locator apps are a common feature for many individual banks and financial service providers, in this era of inter-operable banking services, Jan Dhan Darshak app will be in a unique position to provide a citizen centric platform for locating financial service touch points across all providers such as banks, post office, CSC, etc.
KARACHI -- Frequent load shedding and breakdown of electricity in the campus of University of Karachi has become a common feature since last month, causing inconvenience to the faculty, students and residents of the campus.
THE admission of children and adolescents to adult mental health units remains a totally unacceptable but common feature in Ireland.
Some countries where rigging of elections has become a common feature can now console themselves, as they are not alone in this game and they do have partners in the West.
RAWALPINDI -- The slow pace of finishing work on the newly constructed airport road is causing nuisance for commuters as traffic snarl-ups have become a common feature on the road.
Another key benefit is the easy-to-use control system and user interface with sequential start, a common feature across 1-Series screens and scalpers.