common feature

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The Agouti is a true friend of the desert; it is a common feature of the landscape to see two or three hopping quickly one after the other in a straight line across these wild plains.
Lying in it, as in a grave or sarcophagus, with a hurried drapery of sheet and blanket thrown across it, was the body of a heavily-made man, with an obtuse head, and coarse, mean, common features.
Then, those large eyes, with that capacity for reflecting light, are common features of nocturnal things-- witness the owl and the cat.
Driving on the wrong side of the road is a common feature.
Another key benefit is the easy-to-use control system and user interface with sequential start, a common feature across 1-Series screens and scalpers.
Dysarthria is a common feature of many conditions affecting the nervous system such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and cerebral palsy.
We want to know if scams we see have any common feature - are they being targeted at particular communities, for example, or at certain times of the year, or using particular language.
The original signs had been a common feature on Irish roads over the past few years but have become less prominent in recent months.
This common feature implies that Liverpool and London prices responded to common cyclical shocks at the same moment in time.
Beyond the level of mere survival, there are numerous examples of inventive building types developed in response to hot climates, The basic Arabic and Persian courtyard house, with rooms arranged around an open often planted or water-filled courtyard, is a common feature of life from Morocco to India.
Part of the problem is that the proposed new currency system provides no legal parallel market, a common feature in foreign exchange regimes, forcing business owners to get dollars from the government or go to the black market.
Industry experts say instant messaging software equipped with video playback will become a common feature in the future because many of the incompatibility problems that plagued the technology in the past have been fixed.