common folk

See: populace
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The common folk held him dear, and his memory is still green in ballad and tradition.
But as the common folk could not understand what was said, the plays were chiefly shown in dumb show.
Of the common folk, that is merely bundled up in turf and brambles, the less said the better.
The black death is the best friend that ever the common folk had in England.
You don't understand that what imposes on common folk would never hoodwink an editor.
Yes, yes," said De Guiche, "a strange face; but these monks are subject to such degrading practices; their fasts make them pale, the blows of the discipline make them hypocrites, and their eyes become inflamed through weeping for the good things of this life we common folk enjoy, but they have lost.
The last time he had come that way it had been in state, with a clattering cavalry escort, to visit the gentlest and most affable of Viceroys; and the two had talked for an hour together about mutual friends in London, and what the Indian common folk really thought of things.
Eight men made its retinue, and two of the eight were armed with rusty sabres - sure signs that they followed a person of distinction, for the common folk do not bear arms.
For the common folks are like the leaves of a tree, and live and die unnoticed.
Nowadays, a man would not dare to be called King; and if he feels himself a little above common folks, he only stoops so much the lower to them.
Though this conversation had been private, sufficient of its import reached the understandings of those around to suggest to them that the Durbeyfields had weightier concerns to talk of now than common folks had, and that Tess, their pretty eldest daughter, had fine prospects in store.
But, he added, it was on the less visible plane of intellectual and spiritual insight that Sufi and Hindu masters had been successful in exploring a terrain for both traditions to rest on, thereby developing a common ground for the elite and the common folk.