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His conversation always made Archer take the measure of his own life, and feel how little it contained; but Winsett's, after all, contained still less, and though their common fund of intellectual interests and curiosities made their talks exhilarating, their exchange of views usually remained within the limits of a pensive dilettantism.
pleasure they are richer than before, even after they have paid those increased contributions to the common fund which have so raised the standard of life in these islands.
New York has made incredible strides in securing a clean energy future for this state with our nation-leading clean energy standard, off shore wind development, and aggressive investment in the clean tech economy, yet the Common Fund remains heavily invested in the energy economy of the past.
At the last Council, we are talking about having a common fund on the subject of migration, common European defense, agricultural policy, cohesion.
Aside from interest income, they use their common fund to buy food provisions at wholesale prices, and then sell these
Under the terms of the five years agreement, which is contingent on available funds, the funds will be provided to Children's National Health System by the NIH Common Fund Gabriella Miller Kids First Pediatric Research Programme, named after Gabriella Miller, a ten year-old child treated at Children's National.
The author has organized the main body of his text in twenty-nine chapters covering the habits of successful fund raisers, strategies for raising money without asking for it, the uncanny ability of some board members to drive in stretch donations, and a variety of common fund raising pitfalls.
Particularly, both nations are to develop ways to work in Africa and Asia and they established a common fund to promote their market shares and secure investments in those zones.
Takaful is a community-pooling system, in which participants give donations to a common fund called the Waqf Pool.
After intense talks, the Council decided to create the common fund via an IGA.
That court ruled in the case of the US Airways employee involved in an auto accident that health plans would have to reduce their interests to account for the common fund doctrine (reducing their right to reimbursement for attorneys' fees) and the made-whole rule (suspending their right to reimbursement unless and until the plan member recovered ample funds to cover all nonmedical damages) even when the plan specifically exempted itself from the operation of these doctrines.
Supported by the NIH Common Fund, NIH plans to support 26 awards as part of three initiatives of the Single Cell Analysis Program (SCAP).