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PartnerShop operators like Common Ground have the added challenge of operating a social-purpose business in which social outcomes are just as important as strong business practices.
Teo described the community attracted by Common Ground as 'very diverse and an eclectic mix of industries and professions.
On Common Ground will also give the unique opportunity to live a community citizenship ceremony Friday, and participate in reaffirmation ceremonies on Saturday and Sunday.
In the mid 1990s Murnion and Bernardin collaborated closely in developing the Catholic Common Ground Initiative.
We must find our common ground, not widen the gulfs that divide us.
Indeed, CGA's shared-responsibility approach to implementing recommendations of the Common Ground Study, published less than five years ago, is credited by President Robert Kipp as a primary reason for the considerable progress CGA has achieved in a relatively short period of time.
Since 1982, Search for Common Ground, an international nongovernmental organization, has been working to transform the way the world deals with conflict: away from adversarial confrontation, towards cooperative solutions.
The cash has been granted to extend the area's highly acclaimed Common Ground programme.
Fresh from playing gay in Showtime's Common Ground, teen heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas comfortably confronts rumors about his own sexuality
But, as the highly effective Green Scissors Campaign demonstrates, when big-ticket government projects and subsidies are also environmentally destructive, there's considerable common ground between the two camps.