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It ended up with five Common Ground players facing violent conduct charges, one of them also on a serious misconduct charge for violence.
I expected something consolidated but Common Ground would not have been my first choice," said Quinn, adding that most people probably assumed Sphere products--from Blackbaud's acquisition of Kintera in 2008--were on their way out.
When the Elizabeth Street Common Ground building opened its doors in August 2010, HomeGround--the support organisation charged with placing tenants --received so many referrals it could have filled another three buildings of the same size.
The common ground in an inquiry is what all sides agree to agree on, what they are presupposing, for the sake of the inquiry.
There is no doubt that the best way to find common ground solutions is to listen carefully to those with different beliefs, to be inclusive and to draw out the best from the various positions.
THE LAUNCH OF THIS initiative gives the first legs to a series of statements and gestures President Barack Obama, and before that candidate Obama, has made that lifted up tile concept of common ground.
Interrupted by hecklers, Mr Obama said he recognised the strong emotions stirred up by the abortion debate but he urged the two sides to try to find common ground like preventing unintended pregnancies.
BBC TV presenter Harry Gration helped launch the project in 2001 and was chairman for the event which featured arange of guest speakers and a series of workshops to share good practice from the Common Ground projects.
The birth of their daughter, changes in their previous workplace and the completion of their home led to the beginning of Common Ground Construction, LLC.
Asked if "violent conflict is inevitable" between Muslim and western cultures or whether "it is possible to find common ground" an average of 56 percent said that common ground can be found between the two cultures--the most common response in 25 countries.
In fact, this initiative is an example of how difficult common ground is to achieve.
Two giant spray-painted signs point to the Common Ground Collective's headquarters in a church parking lot in the now infamous Ninth Ward, where the group houses its volunteers, takes names for house gutting, and gives away bleach, buckets, respirators, canned food, and other supplies.