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While the right common iliac artery was not directly visualized, this patient was proven to have May-Thurner syndrome (MTS) based on the proximal location of her DVT, the stenosis in the left common iliac vein in an area directly overlying the lumbar spine, and the appearance of residual thrombus and stenosis following thrombolytic administration and thrombectomy.
Two years prior to this, he had an infected right common iliac artery aneurysm managed with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFe) inlay grafting and antibiotics.
Surgical intervention demonstrated a white clot from aortic bifurcation down to the right common iliac artery and the superficial and deep femoral arteries, surrounded by necrotic tissue and enlarged inguinal nodes.
The peritoneum is incised over the right common iliac artery, and the incision is extended cephalad over the inferior vena cava and lower abdominal aorta to the level of the duodenum, above the inferior mesenteric artery.
The operative findings included a 5 cm infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm, a 4 cm right common iliac artery aneurysm and 2.