common lineage

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ARL-V is the most common lineage, but we cannot even say whether the organisms are photosynthetic symbionts or intracellular parasites.
LIV represented a common lineage in the United States, including a clade predominately associated with poultry products (isolates 84-125).
The author wasn't probing a belief system, but Zionist fabrications of a spurious common lineage for people of the Jewish faith.
Stan shares a common lineage with us and will be a key part of our expansion as a diversified, alternative credit manager.
ramorum, finding that a common lineage produces more chlamydospores when cultured on salt medium.
which owns the homestead called Putnam Elms because of the colonel's fondness for elm trees, consists of members who share common lineage.
They find inspiration both from famous women and from their personal connections, as we all share a common lineage.
Anachronistic as the comparison may be, I can't help pointing out the similarity between his cursive words and calligraphic scribbles--in, for example, Something on the 8 Ball and Unfinished Business--and the urban street tags one sees spray-painted on walls today--they share a common lineage.
If I remember my comparative religions class correctly, the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths share a common lineage before diverging into their particular branch of prophets (and God's son, Jesus, in the Christian tradition).
In the slow lifting of a dense haze in the port at dawn, the master of montage would remark, at twenty years' remove, a "suite" of indistinct, imponderable landscapes relinquished to the fluidity of their internal form and, in their "matches," to a dissolving, one into the other, all at the very surface of the screen; hence, his recognition of the film medium's common lineage with Chinese landscape painting.
Thus, proof of common lineage and similar age between Proxima and Alpha might encourage astrophysicists to rethink their ideas about flare stars, Matthews says.