common lineage

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It's oddly satisfying to learn that "Star Wars" and the World Wrestling Federation share a common lineage.
We estimated the effect of a bivariate thin plate regression spline smooth of latitude and longitude on the odds of infection with a given lineage compared with the most common lineage.
They believe that Saudi Arabia will be able to leverage not only its financial muscle but also the fact that many Iraqi Sunni tribes share a common lineage with Saudi clans.
We have been using Voyager for nearly twenty years, and the fact that Voyager and Alma share a common lineage through Ex Libris and earlier developers assures us of an easy migration.
Line up the latest version next to the original and to some extent they look like chalk and cheese but there's no doubting the shared DNA and common lineage.
By confronting the clandestine sexualities that enmeshed various racial communities in a common lineage, Sheffer insists, they "revealed the instability at the heart of the concept of Otherness" (172).
Most linguists agree that the 450 Oceanic languages share a common lineage and a geographic continuity throughout the regions known as Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia, with minor exceptions.
The author wasn't probing a belief system, but Zionist fabrications of a spurious common lineage for people of the Jewish faith.
Belonging to the elite group of oldest business institutions headquartered in Kolkata, HM and UBI, in a way, share a common lineage.
ramorum, finding that a common lineage produces more chlamydospores when cultured on salt medium.
which owns the homestead called Putnam Elms because of the colonel's fondness for elm trees, consists of members who share common lineage.