common parentage

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Moreover, ZFX can be very helpful to explicit the relatedness between different buffalo breeds and other bovids as the Bubalus bubalis genome shares a common parentage with Ovis aries after the separation of subfamily Bovinae from the Bovidae family.
Indeed, one of the greatest strengths of Projections lies in the author's juxtaposition of comics with film, arguing not only how the history of each greatly informed the development of the other, but how both art forms share common parentage.
Perhaps now is the time to begin a conversation about how a new, combined set of rules would work to the great benefit of both codes, of what, in its origins, language and espirit de corps, is a common parentage in the game of rugby football.
Though all pears share a common parentage, the firm, crisp Asian pear differs genetically from the soft buttery flesh of the more common European varieties (Pyrus communis).
Perennial ryegrass plants selected from `Premier' and experimental populations with common parentage (2) were subjected to additional cycles of phenotypic and genotypic selection in greenhouse disease screening tests, spaced-plant nurseries, and turf trials located in central New Jersey.
This includes technology that shares a common parentage - such as XML, which, like HTML, is a subset of the Standard Generalized Markup Language - and totally unrelated technologies, such as RealVideo, which uses the UDP protocol to transmit streaming video to RealPlayers on client machines.
Because of the common parentage and existing cooperative marketing programs, this corporate integration not only promises further synergies, but also enhances and extends our reach into both the front office and back office of virtually any customer.
When selection was made for the same trait based on different half-sib progenies in the highly inbred families, never more than two of the three selections were identical and for seven of the 12 comparisons there was no common parentage.