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PML-N leader said common people of the country were the final authority for elect who would rule in the country, said , adding, our party stands with democracy at this critical stage as it is the only way to steer country out of challenges.
It is objected when common people see foreign news and dramas, do not view domestic news and do not know if and when bombs are set off or get exploded, killing and injuring a hundred people in their own city, province or country
Muscat [Oman], Feb 11 ( ANI ): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the government is working with the mantra of 'Minimum Government, Maximum Governance', to make lives of common people easy.
The Islamic Finance Centre received overwhelming response and common people are approaching the centre to avail Islamic finance for purchase of motorcycles to cater their conveyance needs.
If only the rich or corporate lords alone vote to elect a government, BJP or any other party needs not worry about the common people but majority of voters belong to common class.
Most of the common people could not think about a motorcycle, which can run by on one wheel.
The opposition alleged that the government will use the money which common people are depositing in banks to bail out big industrialists who have defrauded the banks.
The event, was a platform for the hospital to educate common people on importance of blood donation and also falls in line with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.
But generally, common people communicate in the National as well as Regional/Ethnic Languages, i.
According to details Tehsil Nazim Topi Sohail Yousafzai and Naib Nazim Muhammad Younis along with elected members and common people protested against WAPDA for long hours shedding in the area.
In times gone by some land was held In common for the good of all And in those woods they could enjoy The green of spring, the gold of fall But some whose wealth allows them own Fine houses and the land about Have mounted gates in walls of stone To keep the common people out No matter that the woods aren't theirs And they have built outside the law Our councillors and officers Act like their ilk in days of yore They tug their forelocks, bow and scrape And plead as gently as they can "Please your lordship, scrap the walls" It makes me seethe; so hear my plan
The Finance Minister Ishaq Dar seems to be totally oblivious the needs of the common people and how they are barely making ends meet but is fully mindful of the needs of the IMF and the World Bank.