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Alcoholic polyneuropathy or bilateral common peroneal nerve palsy was suspected as the preliminary diagnosis and electroneuromyography (ENMG) was performed which revealed normal conduction velocities of the bilateral sural, median, and ulnar nerves.
The patient was prepared for operative exploration that revealed complete transection and avulsion of the common peroneal nerve at the level of the fibular head and that of tibial nerve in the middle one-third of the calf [Figure 2].
New tendon transfer for correction of drop-foot in common peroneal nerve palsy.
Comparison of the post-surgical analgesic effectiveness of tibial (at internal malleolus level) and common peroneal nerve block with infiltration of the surgical wound in Outpatient Surgery of the hallux valgus.
While acetabular and femur fractures, as well as posterior hip dislocations may compromise the sciatic nerve, the common peroneal nerve may be injured in fractures of the tibia and proximal fibula, and in knee dislocations.
In the patient with the deep-seated lesion, the common peroneal nerve was completely adhered to the pseudocapsule.
The motor conduction of median nerve, ulnar nerve, and common peroneal nerve (CPN) and the sensory conduction of median nerve, ulnar nerve, posterior tibial nerve (PTN), and sural nerve of all subjects were measured by the Dantec Keypoint Workstation (Suite, CA, USA).
Addition of the SN block may provide superior analgesia but can produce foot-drop or weakness of the tibialis anterior muscle due to blockade of the common peroneal nerve (CPN), which may mask surgically induced CPN injury [8].
[9] Flexible guide pin system has gained popularity because of its theoretical advantages of longer femoral tunnel length, further distance from the common peroneal nerve and other structures, and lesser chance of injuring the cartilage of the medial femoral condyle.
The common peroneal nerve is divided from the sciatic nerve in the popliteal fossa.
(39,40) Less frequently, the common peroneal nerve at the fibular neck, the saphenous nerve as it passes through Hunter's canal, the posterior tibial nerve at the tarsal tunnel, and the sural nerve in the posterior calf may be affected.