common practice

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It is a common practice with the Pawnees, and probably with other roving tribes, when departing on a distant expedition, which will not admit of incumbrance or delay, to leave their aged and infirm with a supply of provisions sufficient for a temporary subsistence.
It was a glorious day, and the lock was crowded; and, as is a common practice up the river, a speculative photographer was taking a picture of us all as we lay upon the rising waters.
It was true she had a theoretic objection to compliments, and had once said impatiently to Philip that she didn't see why women were to be told with a simper that they were beautiful, any more than old men were to be told that they were venerable; still, to be so irritated by a common practice in the case of a stranger like Mr.
I should say, perhaps, in explanation of this latter piece of description, that among the other blessings which public opinion secures to the negroes, is the common practice of violently punching out their teeth.
The enemies loss was uncertain, from the common practice which the Indians have of carrying off their dead in time of battle.
When riding through the country, it is a common practice to set fire to the plain; and hence at night, as on this occasion, the horizon was illuminated in several places by brilliant conflagrations.
It was not entirely to see Thias Bede's funeral that the people were standing about the churchyard so long before service began; that was their common practice.
I would not be understood to suppose that the proceedings of the unhappy scapegrace, with his few profligate companions I have here introduced, are a specimen of the common practices of society - the case is an extreme one, as I trusted none would fail to perceive; but I know that such characters do exist, and if I have warned one rash youth from following in their steps, or prevented one thoughtless girl from falling into the very natural error of my heroine, the book has not been written in vain.
The word comes from the common mind, or common practices, beyond a question, but it now means what is common as opposed to what is cultivated and refined.
A retired archbishop noted that granting shelter to whistle-blowers and other people seeking protection has been a common practice of the Church for a very long time.
Summary: The Labor Ministry Monday warned Lebanon's private beaches against barring domestic workers from entering their premises, a common practice at resorts along the coast which has been decried by rights groups.
The detective testified it was common practice for drug dealers to hide their stash away from them to prevent losing their drugs in a rip-off or the use of the drugs as evidence against them if they were arrested.