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The AQRF, he said, is a common reference framework that enables comparisons of education qualifications across participating ASEAN Member States like the Philippines.
The cooperation model is divided into 3 phases: - phase 0 - the implementation phase, Comprising a workshop for establishing cooperation and setting common goals in a cooperation agreement and a study trip to obtain a common reference framework.
It contains a permanent Common Reference Number (CRN), which will be unique and will be used by the card holder for his or her entire lifetime.
Issued by CMS on October 30, 2015, the schedule's final rule reimburses each biosimilar tied to a common reference product at a single payment rate, based on their average sales price under Medicare Part B.
ISE is working on ISO-29990 that provides the generic model for quality professional practice, performance and a common reference for learning service providers and their clients in the design, development and delivery of non-formal education, training and development.
He added: "Any perceived undertaking to repudiate the undeniable common reference for these sites does not serve the interests of peace and will only feed violence and radicalism.
The most common reference given by employers is along the following lines: "X worked for us from [date] to [date] and their job title was [job title.
The companies have agreed to a set of deliverables and milestones to deliver autonomous cars based on a common reference architecture.
When expressed in purchasing power standards (PPS), an artificial common reference currency that eliminates general price level differences between countries, it can be seen that, relative to the cost of other goods and services, the lowest household electricity prices were found in Finland (12.
By use of this approach, the effect was determined of methodological differences on bias and the sharing of a common reference interval.
However, the footnote: 'Name withheld on request', which appears multiple times in a page (and even in Notes and References), whenever people are addressed by their designation--could have been avoided with a common reference at first occurrence, as the details of commercials are mentioned and speakers could easily be identified by the industry insiders.
As a result of this project, researchers in all areas of plant science will be able to find common reference points for comparative analysis of genomics and genetics data.