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As his wife grew older, she became even a more cheerful and light-hearted little creature; and it was a common saying among their friends, that it was impossible to say which looked the happier, Tim as he sat calmly smiling in his elbow-chair on one side of the fire, or his brisk little wife chatting and laughing, and constantly bustling in and out of hers, on the other.
"Say no more on that subject for thy life, Sancho," said Don Quixote, "for it is displeasing to me; I have already pardoned thee for that, and thou knowest the common saying, 'for a fresh sin a fresh penance.'"
And it was a common saying as the father wanted to ride the tailor out o' the lad, and make a gentleman on him--not but what I'm a tailor myself, but in respect as God made me such, I'm proud on it, for "Macey, tailor", 's been wrote up over our door since afore the Queen's heads went out on the shillings.
It is a common saying that life is not a bed of roses and one has to struggle hard to make it comfortable.
Teacher: Complete the common saying, "up, up and--".
It is common saying that all this cannot happen with the convenience of police.
Life is full of surprises - as the common saying goes, the best things happen unexpectedly.
Its a common saying that good things come in small packages and, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, demonstrates this with the introduction of the new PowerShot SX70 HS compact digital camera.
A common saying but easily forgotten in the excitement of a reef dive.
It is a common saying in our society that all the days of the year are Mother's Day, but we cannot celebrate all the 365 days of the year as Mother's Day.
Use of arsenic and other chemicals in dressing the fur resulted in damage to the central nervous system, which often displayed itself in the form of tics and involuntary muscle movements.This gave rise to the common saying"as mad as a hatter".
'It is a common saying in Africa that thunder does not strike on the same spot twice.