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COMMON SEAL, A seal used by a corporation. See Corporation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The smaller of the two common seals, Boo is under-developed for his age and currently weighs some 45kg - a fraction of the 80kg average a seal of his age would weigh.
Some breeds of seal have been hunted to extinction, but neither grey nor common seals are an endangered species.
A Kayaking with grey and common seals at Llandudno Little Orme and Rhos on sea.
Red deer, otters and common seals share the shores of this wild loch with just 2,000 people as well as a wealth of diving and wading birds including beautiful red-throated divers and the magnificent sea eagle.
Although many know of the grey and common seals found around Hilbre Island, at West Kirby, few know of the harbour porpoise and bottlenose dolphins that can be seen in our waters, and I was surprised and disappointed to find that there were so few sightings reported from the region.
The hotel is a popular retreat for outdoors enthusiasts and there are stunning views from the bedroom window of a stone circle and Langass sea loch, where we saw common seals during an early morning walk.
The pools are also home to a resident family of common seals.
"We used to have separate seasons - common seals in the summer and grey seals in the winter.
It's closer to her family and it is near to the Farne Islands, which have a huge population of common seals in water that is really brilliant to dive in.
The WWF estimates that there are just 10,000 common seals in Norway and 5,500 grey seals.
In fact a whole terrace-full of grey and common seals were waiting to greet us, rolling around in that ridiculous way they have when land-lubbered.