Common Stock

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Common Stock

Evidence of participation in the ownership of a corporation that takes the form of printed certificates.

Each share of common stock constitutes a contract between the shareholder and the corporation. The owner of a share of common stock is ordinarily entitled to participate in and to vote at stockholders' meetings. He or she participates in the profits through the receipt of dividends after the payment of dividends on preferred stock. Shares of common stock are the Personal Property of their holder.

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common stock

n. stock in a corporation in which dividends (payouts) are calculated upon a percentage of net profits, with distribution determined by the Board of Directors. Usually holders of common stock have voting rights. These are distinguished from preferred stock in which the profits are a predetermined percentage and are paid before the common shareholders who gamble on higher profits, and collectively have voting control of the corporation. (See: corporation, stock, share, preferred stock)

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After the acquisition, Australis holds 34,873,628 common shares and debentures in the principal amount of USD 1.6m.
Prior to the issuance of the common shares and the warrants, the company owned or exercised control over 56,066,213 common shares on a non-diluted basis (representing around 48.29 percent of the issued and outstanding common shares on a non-diluted basis) and 96,066,213 common shares on a partially-diluted basis, assuming the conversion of the USD8,800,000 bridge loan, but excluding the rights to acquire common shares under the rights offering then held by Frontera (representing approximately 61.54 percent of the issued and outstanding Common Shares on a partially-diluted basis).
The price that Lundin Mining will pay for common shares in open market transactions will be the market price at the time of purchase.
The acquisition of common shares was made in the ordinary course of business and for investment purposes.
In line with the planned change in bylaws of Pure Foods, which has been approved by its board, the par value of its common shares will be reduced to P1 each from P10 each.
Record Date Shareholders who fully exercise all Rights initially issued to them in the Primary Subscription will be entitled to buy those common shares that are not purchased by other Record Date Shareholders.
Immediately after the Transaction, One Heart will have acquired ownership over 10,307,500 common shares of GINSMS representing 20 percent of all issued and outstanding common shares of GINSMS.
For the fourth quarter of 2014, from October 2014 to December 2014, profit after tax was SEK390m, or SEK5.70 per common share, as compared with profit after tax of SEK90m, or SEK3.60 per common share, in Q4 of 2013.
Of this, 11,777,418,751 common shares have been purchased by the Bank and 5,882,331 common shares have been purchased by Mr.
They said the exchange ratio for the Allied Bank preferred shares was calculated based on the conversion ratio of these into Allied Bank common shares. Based on the book value of the common shares, each preferred share is equivalent to 0.1751 common share.
The common shares of Abconia are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and trade under the trading symbol "ARA." Baker & Higgs Asset Management acquired beneficial ownership of the securities for investment purposes.
Brookfield stated that at times its common shares trade in price ranges that do not fully reflect their value.