Common Stock

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Common Stock

Evidence of participation in the ownership of a corporation that takes the form of printed certificates.

Each share of common stock constitutes a contract between the shareholder and the corporation. The owner of a share of common stock is ordinarily entitled to participate in and to vote at stockholders' meetings. He or she participates in the profits through the receipt of dividends after the payment of dividends on preferred stock. Shares of common stock are the Personal Property of their holder.

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common stock

n. stock in a corporation in which dividends (payouts) are calculated upon a percentage of net profits, with distribution determined by the Board of Directors. Usually holders of common stock have voting rights. These are distinguished from preferred stock in which the profits are a predetermined percentage and are paid before the common shareholders who gamble on higher profits, and collectively have voting control of the corporation. (See: corporation, stock, share, preferred stock)

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The relationship between risk, growth expectations and P/E ratios helps to explain why the common stock of otherwise similar companies trades at different multiples.
According to the company, the split-adjusted common stock will trade under the ticker symbol WIZPD for 20 days, after which time the D will be removed and the stock will resume trading under the ticker symbol WIZP.
Cash elections were oversubscribed, so FNB stockholders who made a valid cash election with respect to their shares of FNB common stock will receive USD 630.00 per share in cash for approximately 53.4% of their shares and 12.6000 shares of Citizens common stock for each of their remaining shares, plus cash in lieu of any fractional share of Citizens common stock.
FNF stockholder approval is required to amend the FNF Restated Certificate of Incorporation to increase the authorized shares of common stock from 150 to 250 million to allow for the issuance of new shares of FNF common stock to holders of FNIS common stock in the merger.
Each bond is convertible into 40 shares of common stock. The tax rate is 40%.
An issuer of nonconvertible bonds with an investment grade credit rating may seem to incur the same effective interest rate as a lower-rated issuer of convertible bonds if the accounting does not recognize that purchasers of the convertible bonds receive both interest payments and a chance to obtain common stock at a favorable price as a return on their funds.
Also, the total amount paid in the special dividend is USD67.1m in cash and 4.5 million shares of common stock. The company used a price of USD49.93 per share, the volume-weighted average price of its common stock on the New York Stock Exchange on 11 and 12 March 2019, to decide the value of the shares issued in the special dividend.
The closing sale price of the Common Stock was $17.50, which marked the 20th trading day in the previous 30 consecutive trading days that the Common Stock closed above $15.04 (which is equal to 130% of the applicable conversion price for the Series C Preferred Stock), triggering the right of OFG Bancorp to elect to mandatorily convert all shares of Series C Preferred Stock into shares of Common Stock in accordance with the terms of the Series C Preferred Stock.
For each share of AC Class A common stock that is validly tendered and not validly withdrawn, an AC stockholder will receive 1.35 shares of GBL Class A common stock (the "exchange ratio"), together with cash in lieu of any fractional share of GBL Class A common stock, without interest and less any applicable withholding taxes.
Also, the board approved a corresponding, proportional reduction in the number of the company's authorised shares of common stock, each to become effective pursuant to the filing of articles of amendment to AmpliPhi's articles of incorporation.