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SOCIETY is here used in a restricted sense, a common usage of the times to denote the gilded drones that did no labor, but only glutted themselves at the honey-vats of the workers.
The phrase has been around since the 1930s, some dictionaries suggest, but it came into common usage in 1986, when a film starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long, pictured, was released.
The letter goes on to say it later took on the "Kriminal" designation through common usage.
Inspired by architecture, Ver experiments extensively with color and depth in her practice, as opposed to the common usage of controlled minimalism in abstraction.
IS 16046:2015 has been an option for manufacturers for some time, but only came into common usage after March 2016.
The name for the combined institution, which will be the fifth largest in the city of Philadelphia, is Thomas Jefferson University and will be referred to as Jefferson in common usage.
Discomfort with common usage of the term 'engineer' outside our honourable profession continues.
Hybrid, as the report, will be the most common usage of the cloud - but this will require public cloud to be part of the overall strategy.
In a mere two years, the broadband base in Pakistan has grown from an insignificant 3pc to 15pc (or 25 million subscribers) and growing, as ICT has becoming a common usage tool," the minister said.
LAHORE -- Common usage of mobile phone SMS and internet sources have promoted E-Cards culture and slowed down the industry of traditional Eid cards.
These medication classes were chosen due to their common usage and their very high potential to cause clinically significant, preventable, and measurable adverse events.
Also, the parties may wish to focus on terms that may not have a precise definition in the patent or common usage, but which are important in determining the scope of the claim.

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