common view

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And first I will speak of the nature and origin of justice according to the common view of them.
It is difficult to imagine conditions of life more similar than deep limestone caverns under a nearly similar climate; so that on the common view of the blind animals having been separately created for the American and European caverns, close similarity in their organisation and affinities might have been expected; but, as Schiodte and others have remarked, this is not the case, and the cave-insects of the two continents are not more closely allied than might have been anticipated from the general resemblance of the other inhabitants of North America and Europe.
SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, announced its completion of the test for the high-precision time source device based on the principle of satellite common view in National Time Service Center (NTSC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).
IT is a common view, true or not, that the younger generation has had a raw deal from the Government since the financial crisis, at least in part because many young people don't bother to vote.
Their common view is that they consider the party and the country as one.
According to press statement issued here on Friday, the platform will discuss both China and Pakistan's common view of combating the three evils: Extremism, Terrorism and separatism.
The paper was issued by the Palestinian-Lebanese Dialogue Forum and is titled "A Common View of Lebanese-Palestinian Relations.
Dark, thought-provoking, and challenging the common view of animals purely as property, The Ghosts In Our Machine is highly recommended.
This paper covers and discussed a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based common view interoperability approach by integrating different dispersed applications together under a common-view.
Senior figures at Yes for Wales moved quickly to distance themselves from the comments, with many of them taking the view that on this occasion Rhodri was out of step with the common view.
We had a common view of the Maghreb as a region important to the united kingdom and indeed to the European union," he underlined.
Villa owner Randy Lerner has said O''Neill walked because they no longer shared a common view as to how to move forward.