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As in earlier years, farmers with commonage land, designated Special Areas of Conservation or Special Protection Areas will be required to follow a 'Sustainable Management Plan' prepared by a planner.
After police arrested both the MP and the two men crew from the commuter bus, the latter told officers at Western Commonage Police Station that the MP had pointed a gun at them.
One senior Agriculture Official said: ''It's a complicated situation in the region where a lot of the sheep are fed under a commonage grazing system in the mountains.
Sheep (including a black one) keep the commonage neat and tidy while the Queen cheers a horse wearing her colours across the finish line.
Leitrim farmers have hit out at plans by the Department of Agriculture to de-stock sheep in mountain areas under the new commonage REP's plan.
We've sold the commonage grazing land on the mountainside and 120 acres as well.