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He noted that Iran and Afghanistan are exemplary in terms of commonalities, and said, "Afghanistan is experiencing the era of reconstruction and development, we are ready to help this country- .
He did not specify the commonalities that have been achieved on the aircraft programmes.
We have many serious commonalities with many countries, and these very commonalities can create opportunities for us," said Jalili.
Secretary General Kofi Annan once warned that it would face ''a full-scale civil war,'' Zarif said Iran and the United States passed the time away ''to fight each other based on our differences rather than to cooperate based on commonalities.
A third emergent dimension in teacher reflections was a developing ability to find commonalities in thinking and to build upon personal understandings through the diversity in thinking others bring to sustained groups engaged in dialogue on personally directed research.
Future phases of the collaboration will center on the development of analytical tools to support molecular models of genetic disease to identify the commonalities of complex genetic disorders.
We are very passionate about the extreme differences and subtle commonalities of contemporary and traditional designs," said Breedlove President Peter Newport.
While the circumstances of claims against professionals differ, there are commonalities to most claims.
Roseberry saw the production of coffee in Latin America as having several commonalities, including its location in frontier regions, the alteration of tropical forest environments, and the internal migration of laborers as coffee production zones developed.
Likewise, an alarming percentage of the sample did not respond at all (32%) to questions about how they believed followers of Islam view the United States and what commonalities they shared with followers of Islam (34%).
Act II, after opening in a marvelous melodic display from several Krins, used a dance-off between town and country women to illustrate differences and commonalities of late twentieth-century social mores.
It is not direct commonalities so much as related characteristics that recur; for example, Balkenhol's use of very small male and female figures: the emphasis and development of body, figure, face, head.