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He said both the countries had commonalities of views and perceptions on various regional and international issues.
He said that both the countries have commonalities of views and perceptions on various regional and international issues.
Azeri ambassador, for his part, referred to political, cultural, economic and social commonalities between the two countries and said exchange of visits between the two sides' presidents bring the two nations much closer in various fields.
The median, the maximum, and the minimum of commonalities are also higher in those of terms.
Sochi [Russia], Dec 1 ( ANI ): Underlining the significance of the connects and commonalities of the people of the SCO countries, External Affairs Minister (EAM) Sushma Swaraj stated that the connectivity with these nations is a priority for India.
He did not specify the commonalities that have been achieved on the aircraft programmes.
Iran and Afghanistan have lots of commonalities and potentials which must be used to maximize bilateral ties between two neighboring nations, the Iranian new president said.
That humans think, feel, and have a body are facts unlikely to be contested, yet precisely their status as truisms, Palumbo-Liu argues, is what makes these commonalities the most revealing grounds for testing the viability and limitations of the "delivery systems"-the material and discursive systems by which humans interact and connect with one another.
They study commonalities in the plant symbiotic genes involved in root nodule symbiosis and in arbuscular micorrhiza that are also associated with roots with plant growth promoting rhizobacteria for nutritional (N2 fixation) or defensive (suppression of pathogens) functions.
On the Indo-US strategic dialogue, Krishna said there were many commonalities between the two countries and they were joining hands to enlarge the area of peace, understanding and strategic partnership.
She said that all the commonalities of culture and values between the two countries needed to be encouraged and developed.
A unifying brand of multicultural education is offered as an alternative which builds on commonalities, can alleviate conflict, fosters academic achievement for all students, and is built on Christian principles.